Spa Ziwi Pte Ltd is an established ladies-only beauty spa which provides the best combination of latest professional beauty treatments, made possible by an excellent selection of products and equipments proven to be safe & highly effective. With a wide gamut of spa service menu, there is always something that will suit the needs of each and every woman who wants to feel good & look good. The products utilized in the spa are imported come from Paris, Switzerland and USA and they are made of natural active ingredients from botanical extracts and ocean resources, processed by advanced encapsulation technology to preserve its potency & maximize its effectiveness. As the natural active ingredients are easily accepted by human body, even the most sensitive skin can also benefit from our spa treatments and products. We also offer special-effect customized face & body treatments designed to produce instant results, with no side-effect.

Our spa provides you a tranquil ambience that will certainly make you feel comfortable and relax, away from the hassle and bustle of the outside world. Our experienced & dedicated therapists will attend to your every need meticulously and they will care and serve you whole-heartedly. Let us pamper you with pleasant surrounding, wonderful treatments, relaxing aromas and enchanting music.

Superior Radiofrequency (RF) Technology > What is IPL?

Superior Radiofrequency (RF) Technology
For Anti-ageing, Slimming & Health

The principle of Radiofrequency (RF)

RF sends micro-vibrations into human body and increases cell activity as body cells turn, tweeze and squeeze according to the rhythm of vibrations. This results in natural production of body heat from our body tissues from deep within. Unlike thermal blanket, sauna and such external heating devices, RF treatments reaches as deep as fat layer to produce powerful & much more long-lasting effect.

How RF does Body Slimming?

RF also has a vasodilatory effect which jump-starts blood and lymph flows. This increases oxygen & nutrients up-take by cells and speeds up removal of toxins. This is the essence of cell metabolism. In this process, there is an increase in cell respiration and calorie consumption through aerobic process just like intense work-out such as jogging or swimming. It also activates lymphatic system and removes harmful toxins from our body.

The intense body heat generated stimulates beta-receptors at the membrane of

fat cells and causes it to disintegrate and purge out its fat contents. This shrinks the fat cells and flattens the fat layer. Usually, contouring effect on the area of treatment such as tummy is noticeable after a session.

How RF does Face Rejuvenation?

The gentle warmth produced within facial tissue is conducive to collagen production. It is especially great for ironing out fine lines and firming up saggy skin. You can expect the face to look more contoured and lifted after one session.

How RF does Eye Therapy?

Toxins and excess water leads to formation of eye bags and dark eye circles. RF is able to remove toxins and excess water through active lymph flow. It also removes free radicals that causes damages to eye areas and counters crows’ feet problem.

Secret II Bust Enhancement TherapySpa Ziwi utilizes Secret II Bust Enhancement technology that is recognized internationally for its great performance iterms of safety, comfort and treatment result. The technology has been patented and has been awarded prestigious INPEX Pittsburg USA Silver Medal for superior design. Although most people will notice positive results after one session, it is advisable to do once or twice a week to provide regular exercise to the bust area for healthy growth and rejuvenation. With Secret II, you can achieve an attractive bust with firmness and enlargement for your selection.

IPL (UK) Face Rejuvenation &Permanent Hair ReductionSpa Ziwi utilizes iPulse’s patented IPL technology (UK) that is highly popular in Europe and various parts of the world. It has the endorsement of internationally renowned Scientific Consultant, Godfrey Town. iPulse also conforms to the high quality & safety standards recognized world-wide and are certified FDA (USA), CE500325, ISO13485 and ISO9001. We provide UK-certified IPL therapists to make sure our customers get the best of IPL treatments.

Superior iPulse Square Pulse TechnologyiPulse has a patented IPL technology called “SquarePulse Technology”. With this technology, iPulse is able to control light emission efficiently so that treatment effect is maximized even with lower power output. This makes the treatment much more comfortable and safe, reducing chance of any side effects.

Ala Carte Spa Menu

FACE Professional Facial Treatment

Relaxing & Refreshing Facial
45min/ $56

Deep cleansing, exfoliation, followed by relaxing massage and complete with deep cleansing mask.

Hydrating Facial
60min/ $75

A facial treatment designed increase moisture level in all layers of the skin. Complete with double masks.

Whitening Facial
60min/ $75

A highly effective whitening facial especially tailored to make the skin look fair and radiant as well as lighten pigmented marks & scars.

Anti-Ageing Facial
60min/ $75

A wonderful facial treatment that does a great job in promoting cell regeneration, boosting cell energy level and improving metabolism. Suitable for mature skin as it helps to makes the skin firmer and wrinkle-free.

Anti-Acne Purifying Facial
75min/ $90

Reduces redness, acne, pimples, blackheads & whiteheads. Removes excess oil and normalizes sebum production, improves skin immunity and combats future break-outs. Reduces marks & acne blemishes.

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