Nassim is located just a stone's throw away from Orchard Road at 6 Nassim Road. As you step away from the busy metropolitan atmosphere of the city into sprawling grounds surrounded by nature, you will be welcomed by a colonial black and white bungalow built in the early 1900s which propel an air of mystery and a sense of history.

Retreat from the stress and strains of everyday life to be pampered by an array of Spaboutique's signature massages and treatments under the personalized care of our experienced therapists. You can also learn the Art of Mindful Living by joining our latest KRYOGA classes.

Spaboutique is a home-style spa in concept and reality with little touches of domesticity in every corner; framed pictures, day beds, vanity tables, plaques and bookshelves. It is well appointed and immaculately maintained, but not clinically so, as retaining the feel of nature and intimacy is the soul of Spaboutique. Visiting the spa is almost like being at home...

- The Business Times

Massages and wraps are not the only ways by which you can rejuvenate yourself at Spaboutique.

The ancient Indian exercise has proved over thousands of years that it is a wonderful method of increasing flexibility, detoxifying your body, and toning muscles. It is also considered therapuetic, as it aims at uniting mind, body, and spirit. The psychological, physiological and biochemical benefits are limitless.

KRYOGA @ Spaboutique

At Spaboutique, we practise KRYOGA - The Art of Mindful Living. KRYOGA combines cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and relaxation. Open to both genders and all ages, it is easy to get started even if you are a beginner! KRYOGA will ultimately increase your physical, mental, sexual, creative and spiritual energies.

* 2010 Class starts on 4 January 2010 (Mon), 7pm.
* For personal hygiene, all students are encouraged to bring your own mats. You are also welcomed to leave them at the yoga studio.
* As class sizes are limited to 30 per pax, please do call to reserve your yoga spot before each class.

$250 for 10 lessons to be completed within 10 weeks.
$450 for 20 lessons to be completed within 12 weeks.
$1000 for 50 lessons to be completed within 30 weeks

*Walk-in at $30 per class (90 mins each).
***Cancellation of advance booking must be made within 24 hours prior to class, or it will be considered as attendance for the session.

KRYOGA (Kamal’s Rhythmic Yoga)

An exclusive and popular form of Hatha yoga. Guaranteed to make you sweat! It is HOT! For a fine physique, beautiful mind and a blissful smile. If you think yoga is just about flexibility, THINK AGAIN! This form of yoga combines cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and relaxation. A unique system that trains your body, breath and mind. Kamal’s Rhythmic Yoga will increase your physical, mental, sexual, creative and spiritual energies. Suitable for all ages.

KRYOGA (B) = Level 1. KRYOGA (M) = Level 2. KRYOGA (I) = Level 3

KRYOGA Ananda (Bliss)

An excellent yoga class for all ages! It brings the inner health & beauty out with ancient yoga techniques. These techniques stroke the fire and light of purification that makes all the systems, organs and glands rejuvenated, revitalized and reverses ageing. This class greatly benefits people with problems including migraine, insomnia, asthma, breathing disorders and constipation. These ancient techniques also help to detoxify the liver, kidney, uterus (for women) and prostrate problems (for men). You can experience its great benefits within 4 to 6 weeks.


This class helps to reduce weight fast and helps to relieve health problems like migraine, back pain, neck pain, stiffness, respiratory problems, menstrual and sleeping disorders. Along with the postures, you will practice great locks of yoga and yogic breathing, which will help to strengthen your sexual, excretory functions and reproductive organs. An excellent way to activate and energise the central nervous system, improve blood and energy to the brain and to remove toxins. For all.

KRYOGA Asana & Pranayama

Involves simple asanas (postures) and various pranayama (breathing techniques) to help ease and calm stressed and tired mind and body. A great class for all retiring into the night.

KRYOGA Body Balance

Great new class for all! One of the major practices of yoga. Balance your mind, senses and body, gain and develop will power, confidence, concentration and coordination. You will love it! Good for people with at least one month of yoga experience.

KRYOGA Dynamics

For the intermediate to advanced practitioner. This involves an intensive flow of asanas and breath work. Helps to develop strength, flexibility and agility. A complete and fun workout!

Kryoga Sun Series (Sun Salutation Series of Kamal’s Rhythmic Yoga)

A great way to start the day. Series 1 – 5 (beginners to advance). You will never again be tired, lazy, or sleepy at work. The Sun Salutation can be enjoyed by all ages. It improves elasticity of the skin, increases muscle tone, relieves stiffness in the joints, relieves pain and increases mental strength. A combination of Sun Salutation and asanas (postures) for a bright, balanced and energetic life! Series 3 is for those who have attended series 2 for more than 10 classes. Series 1 & 2 are for all.


This class is not just postures alone. It covers all aspects of Yoga, including pranayama (breathing), asanas (postures), dharana (concentration), bandhas (locks), Yoga Nidra (blissful sleep). At the end of the class, you will feel refreshed with lots of energy physically and mentally! For advanced practitioners.

KRYOGA Therapy

A therapeutic aspect of Yoga. Great for all levels, especially for those with health problems including stress, high blood pressure, back and neck pains, asthma, gastric problems, menstrual problems and constipation.

Kamal’s Vinyasa

A powerful series of flowing and jumping movements of Hatha Yoga. For the practitioner seeking a more challenging yoga workout. Great for the cardio vascular system and builds strength and endurance. Burns more calories than a 2-hour cardio workout. For a slim, strong, toned and flexible body.

KRYOGA Warrior

Get in shape with Yoga! Great for strengthening your legs, arms and abs! An artistic and unique set of yoga postures and breathing techniques of the Ancient Warriors of India practiced for strength, speed, endurance and mind-power. This class is good for ALL!

To know more about KRYOGA please visit www.kryogaworld.com.
Or to learn more about Yvette, head over to www.yogawithyvette.com.


Yvette has been practising yoga for over seven years. She is personally trained by Master Srinivas Suresh Kamal (popularly known as Master Kamal), who is the creator of KRYOGA (Kamal’s Rhythmic Yoga – the Art of Mindful Living) and founder of Planet Yoga based in Hong Kong.

Practising yoga has changed Yvette’s life in many ways. “Yoga has made me calmer, happier and more confident. It has taught me self-awareness, contentment and patience. I am able to live more fully and love more wholeheartedly. In teaching, I strive to bring joy and inspiration into my students’ lives and help them see each moment as extraordinary.” said Yvette.

Yvette’s love and passion for yoga can be experienced in her classes. Her students come from all walks of life, ranging from teenagers and young working professionals and senior executives to full-time mothers, serious triathletes and retirees. She has conducted private classes at major international corporations and has also provided yoga consultancy to an internationally renowned luxury hotel group.

Yvette currently teaches KRYOGA exclusively at Spaboutique at 6 Nassim Road and gives yoga classes at True Yoga, BP Singapore, MINDEF (Singapore Ministry of Defence) and at private residences. As a teacher, she continually strives to improve and upgrade her teaching skills and knowledge by attending regular workshops by Master Kamal and Swami Veda Bharati.

As a teacher, Yvette is warm, patient and compassionate. Her classes are fun, vibrant and energetic with a focus on strengthening the body, connecting the mind and body, and bringing the smile back into people’s lives.

Please call +65 6887 0760/ 9793 0283 for reservations or enquiries, or email to yvette@kryoga.com/yvette@spaboutique.com.sg

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by foot :
main entrance- The main entrance of Spaboutique is accessible from the entrance to Nassim Road via Orange Grove Road. A signage is visible from the slip road of the Orange Grove and Orchard Road junction. Head up Nassim Road. Spaboutique is the last of the 3 colonial houses on this road.

side entrance- A side gate entrance is accessible by foot. This side entrance leads pedestrians from the main Nassim Road up to Spaboutique, it is opposite Nassim Jade Residences and has a sign visible on ground level.

by bus:
Travellers can take bus number 7, 36, 105, 111, 123, 132 and 174 and stop at Tanglin Road-After Tomlinson. From the bustop, pedestrians can follow instructions under 'by foot'

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Travellers can exit Orchard MRT station via the main exit. By Foot, you can walk towards Tanglin Road until you reach Orchard Parade Hotel. Crossing the road from Orchard Parade Hotel, you will be at the junction of Orange Grove and Orchard Road. A signage is visible at the junction. Enter Nassim Road. Spaboutique is the last of the 3 colonial houses on this road.

by car:
While traveling on Tanglin Road, take the extreme left lane to head towards Orange Grove Road At the traffic light junction of Orange Grove Road and Orchard Road, take the slip road to Orange Grove Road. Make an immediate left turn to get into Nassim Road. A signage is visible from the slip road. Spaboutique is the last of the 3 colonial houses on this road.

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