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Hollywood's much talk about slimming success is now here in Singapore; offering a sure fire way to lose those unwanted inches. We are situated at the heart of Singapore's shopping district at 313 Somerset near Somerset MRT.

Suddenly Slender™, The Body Wrap® System opened its first slimming salon last 3rd of December. Experience our exclusive mineral body wraps at the greatest of ease and flaunt that dream body of yours in no time.

Suddenly Slender™ The Body Wrap® system is developed in 1969 and over 12.9 million successful wraps have been delivered globally.

All-natural mineral wraps that shape your body, tightens the skin and reduces unsightly cellulite. Making you look younger and slimmer.

Besides the inches-loss our mineral body wraps also removes the toxins in the body, smoothens and tightens skin, and lessens the appearance of unsightly cellulite.

These body wraps is for anyone who would like to improve their appearance without costly and risky surgery, excessive exercise and the use of weight loss machines. Our treatments are designed to help clients maintain lasting results at the greatest of ease. There is no need to change your lifestyle and daily routine or implement special diet plans. Feel free to eat whatever you want!

Our products are specially formulated with over 175 essential vitamins and minerals. Our wraps are so safe that you can even use it multiple times a day. These mineral-rich and enzyme-powered wraps are designed to achieve extraordinary results.

Unlike many other slimming methods, Suddenly Slender body wraps do not cause dehydration and weight loss via removing water weight. We use mineral-infused bandages for the wraps, instead of other methods that cause sweating and dehydration. You will not feel thirsty and tired during the process or gain weight right after.

The results are instantaneous and noticeable. You will see the difference on your very first visit!

If you have tried weight loss programs and excessive exercising but still have unwanted inches, cellulite and loose skin, then our body wrap is the right one for you.

Know more about the different body wraps available and discover a more fabulous slender you. Here are just some of our signature wraps:
Fat Burning Wrap

This fantastic fat-burning wrap is effective and efficient, breaking down even the hardiest fat tissue! Containing a base of multiple natural enzymes that burns fat faster, it's the popular choice for those looking to remove cellulite and achieve maximum inch loss.

* Suitable for those looking to detoxify the body, tighten the skin and lose inches fast.
Anti-Ageing Body Wrap

Replenish your body to create a youthful appearance with this amazing age reversal wrap.

* Suitable for everyone and is even recommended for the health-conscious and elderly.
Power Wrap

Get a well-rounded kick of energy from this remarkable body wrap, powered with the benefits of incredibly rare monoatomic gold! You'll surely get that amazing vitality to carry you through the day.

* Suitable for those who require a boost of energy or people looking for that extra oomph to enhance their slimming regime.
Body Lift Wrap

This remarkable wrap combines the benefits of the Power Wrap with 11 rare and exquisite signature ingredients. Developed to create the appearance of flawless skin with its unique mineral blend.

* Suitable for those who will enjoy an uplifting body contouring session.
Dream Lay-Down Body Wrap

If you're looking to be pampered, try this marvelous wrap that promises to cut down stubborn inches while relaxing on a warm massage bed.

* Suitable for those who need a quick pick-me-up to rejuvenate and relax.
Face Taping

Our Non-surgical Face Lift is a natural process developed to dramatically improve facial appearance in a minimum amount of time. It's a simple 60-minute process that involves strategically sculpting the jaw line and cheekbones, as well as lifting the brows with our special techniques, eliminating sagging and smoothing out wrinkles as a result.

* Suitable for those who want to shave years off their face in a minimum time.
Premium Wrap***

A tailor made wraps and packages that addresses individual slimming and health requirements, just approach one of our friendly and highly trained consultants who will create a one-of-a-kind wraps for you.

Infrared Sauna
The Infrared Sauna, the latest technology in Sauna development, is unlike any other traditional steam saunas in the market. It utilizes infrared light, the natural radiant heat felt from the sun, to provide heat all over the body for relaxation, pain relief, blood pressure management, and much more. Gently heating the body from within instead of heating the air, the infrared rays penetrates the surface of the skin and gives the body an overall radiant warmth.

Watch our Infrared Sauna get featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show!

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