Nurturing and protecting your hair is of great importance. This is why with our advanced technology and a dedicated team of trichologists, you can be assured that Svenson is the solution to your hair problems.

When you visit Svenson, we will determine the precise cause of your hair loss problem and devise a personalised hair and scalp care programme to combat it. Beginning with a professional analysis of your hair and scalp condition, our experienced trichologist will help to put in place a multi-strategy programme tailor-made to your hair loss problem.

Svenson's hair loss solution combines the most effective mix of:
Revolutionised pharmaceutical findings from USA & Europe
Breakthrough formulations consisting of natural herbs
Supervised sessions using the latest electronic and laser technology
Stress management and nutritional advice from qualified professionals

We've been doing this successfully for close to fifty years, which is why Svenson is one of the biggest and most reputable names in hair care solutions around the world!

We have the solution for all your hair and scalp problems.

Oily Scalp
(Greasy Hair)

• Abnormal reactions of the scalp due to high levels of DHT and profuse sweating.
• Accumulative sebum build-up.

Svenson's Solution
• Controls sebum production by minimising oil gland activities.

Dandruff & Scaly problem

• High levels of yeast which aggravate faster epidermal shedding.

Svenson's Solution
• Controls yeast activity.
• Removes dead skin and normalise epidermal cell production.
• Neutralize scalp environment.

Abnormal hair loss

• Sudden change in body chemistry that reverts hair growing phase to dying phase.
• Contributing factors include stress/shock, medication & crash dieting.

Svenson's Solution
• Stabilise growth cycle.
• Stimulate hair re-growth.
• Increase blood and nutrition circulation.

Bald Patch (Defined)

• Auto-immune problems can be triggered by stress, insect bite.

Svenson's Solution
• Stabilise auto-immune reaction.
• Stimulates and regenerates growth of hair.

Receding hairline

• Genetic tendency aggravated by stress, poor scalp care, bad diet & poor health.
• High levels of DHT on the scalp.

Svenson's Solution
• Reduces formation of DHT.
• Nourishes hair roots and lengthens growth cycle.

So arrange for a FREE professional & expert advice with us today! After all, it costs nothing to get a second opinion.

The Hamilton's scale that we have reproduced for you above, classifies the different types of baldness from 1 to 7. This chart is very useful when describing your hair loss or as a yard stick to measure your own hair loss progression or re-growth. By referring to this Hamilton scale of baldness, Svenson will be able to closely monitor your hair growth, and give you an accurate progress report of your hair condition.

The typical pattern of hair loss is divided into seven categories. No hair loss is termed 'type 1'. Minor recession of the frontal hairline is termed 'type 2'. Type 3 indicates further frontal loss, and is considered aesthetically significant. The subset of type 3, termed '3 vertex', shows significant frontal recession coupled with hair loss from the vertex region of the scalp. Types 4-6 show further frontal and vertex loss, culminating in type 7, in which only the occipital scalp region maintains significant amounts of hair.

At Svenson, you can rest assured that our expert team will monitor your progress to ensure positive results every step of the way.

Research has shown female hair loss has increased in the past 20 years. Some common factors contributing to this are:
  • stress 
  • hormone imbalance 
  • menopause 
  • anaemia 
  • disease 
  • pregnancy / childbirth 
  • overuse of styling aids 
  • dieting 
  • changing nutritional habits 
  • environmental pollution 
Female hair loss typically occurs at the front and top of the head, or general thinning of the hair crop. Fortunately, there are effective counteractive measures to fight these hair problems.

Here's how Svenson can help you:
Conducting a professional and thorough hair & scalp analysis
Determining the extent of follicle collapse
Devising a personalized hair & scalp care programme that will counteract against the specific causes of hairloss
Using Advanced Corrective Formulations consisting of natural herbs to aid hair growth
Using Laser technology to act as a stimulant to make scalp more receptive to the benefits of hair and scalp treatment

With the most professional & expert advice to help you in every way possible, Addhair Technologies enables you to choose from the widest range of hair weaving techniques. Enabling you to get your hair back naturally, through the most hassle-free methods!

The breakthrough benefits of our hair weaving techniques:
Non-surgical application of hair directly to scalp
Completely undetectable
Natural-looking hair and hairline
Scalp 'breathability' ensures comfort
Easy maintenance
Ability to engage in any activity

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