Everybody is born with a wonderful set of white teeth, which add to your beauty when they are exposed by your smile, while talking or eating. Depending upon our lifestyles, upon what we eat and how and with what we brush our teeth, changes occur and the teeth become dull, yellow, grey or even black (this is particularly when the person smokes a lot as nicotine tents to deposit itself on the back and sometimes even on the front of the teeth). There are indeed many ways by which teeth can be whitened. However, according to the reports there are only two teeth whitening and bleaching that are most commonly used, are the office bleach and strip teeth whitening system:

1. The office bleach - this method is the fast-forward type where a higher level of chemical is applied to the teeth to get fast results. As with every high dosage things, there would usually be side effects - in this connection there could be chemical burns if not used correctly or left on for too long.

On the positive side is the fact that it does work, and it works fast indeed. Since there is a high concentration of oxidizing agents, the time needed for the whitening is more or less halved. Therefore, in case there is an emergency, you could use this method, though it is contraindicated for use over longer periods of time

2. The teeth whitening strip - this is a similar teeth whitening and bleaching system as the above, with the exception that it has its chemical on a strip of polyethylene which would need to be stuck on the teeth about twice a day over the course of 3-4 weeks. It is a slow process because the main ingredient is a less potent one - hydrogen peroxide; however, it shows result in the end

Some Reasons Why People Go For Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

The teeth whitening and bleaching system is usually taken up to help in improving one's esthetics. If you look at it, people usually go for it when they are faced with an important interview and what to make an excellent first impression. It is true that a nice and presentable self improves the possibility of a positive outcome from the interview greatly.

People also go for teeth whitening and bleaching system before they marry for the same reasons. The whitening of the teeth makes one more confident and happy about oneself. The beautiful set of teeth makes the smile dazzling in the real sense of the word. Hence, the attraction between the husband and wife will be enhanced too.

By Franchis Adam


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