TLC Scarless Double Eyelid

At TLC, we practice a new 'scarless' technique of creating very natural looking double eyelid with almost zero downtime. The surgery last less than an hour and there is minimal post operative swelling. We are the only surgeons here in Singapore who has the privilege to participate in the preceptorship by the inventor of this revolutionary surgery.
Traditional incisional surgery

Previously, only incisional surgery could produce lasting results. However, this technique involves slicing and removal of the upper eyelid skin with subsequent need for removal of stitches and noticeable swelling of the upper eyelid. There is an also a noticeable long scar on the eyelid when they are closed. However if there are an excess of skin or muscle or eyelid skin drooping, especially if more on in one eye than the other, incisional surgery do have its place for an effective correction.
Existing non-incisional procedure practiced by most local surgeons:

Current non-incisional procedures that are being practiced locally do not produce lasting results and patients may have to repeat the procedures after a few years.
TLC Scarless Eyelid Technique Treatment (S.E.T)

The inventor of our innovative scarless technique has performed more than a 1000 such procedures over the last 7 years with no loss of double-eyelid line. This technique embraces all the benefits of non-incisional procedure and yet produces the long lasting results of previous traditional incisional surgery. In summary, we at TLC can offer you the following benefits of a double eyelid surgery:
'Scarless' as it does not involve cutting
Long lasting results
Minimal downtime and ability to return to work within a very short duration
No removal of stitches needed
Choice of low, medium, high range of double eyelids
Choice of tapered, parallel and flare double eyelids
Very natural looking as it folds along the natural crease and does not involve removal of skin
Potentially reversible, should you change your mind
Suitable for existing upper eyelids that are / have:
moderately sagging
moderately puffy
moderate fat tissue

Preoperative view of a 25-year old woman with no sagging of the upper eyelids

Postoperative view 3 weeks after surgery

Preoperative view of a 43-year old woman with moderate sagging of the upper eyelids

Postoperative view 10 days after surgery

Preoperative view of a 26-year old man with "puffy" eyes

Postoperative view 1 week after surgery

Correcting Asymmetry





Asymmetrical upper eyelids

prior to SET

Symmetrical double eyelid after SET

No obvious visible scar noted

(1 month after SET)

Revision of previous eyelid surgeries performed at other clinics / hospitals

Noticeable scars due to previous surgery (cutting technique / open blepharoplasty) performed at another hospital 4 years ago.

With the eyes open: Loss of double eyelid fold noted

After SET was performed: a new double eyelid fold was re-created

Previous eyelid surgery (cutting technique / open blepharoplasty) performed at another clinic with subsequent noticeable scar on the right eye.

With the eyes open: Irregular folds noted in the left eye.

SET was performed to correct the irregular folds and improve the symmetry of the double eyelids

Creating Bigger and Brighter looking eyes





Providing more Definition

Before (uneven skin crease)

After (with more definition)

Beauty Harmony at TLC

At TLC, it is not just about creating double eyelids. We Listen to you and provide Personalize advice such that an informed decision is made together with you on the best suited natural-looking double eyelids. This will enhance not just your eyes but ensure a harmony of features that will further augment your facial beauty.






Our Doctors

Dr Jim Wong | Dr Zhu Xiu Chun | Dr Richard Teo

All our doctors are well trained in several fields of aesthetic medicine and surgical practice.

In Vaser Liposelection and Fat Grafting/Transfer

Till date, TLC doctors have performed hundreds of Liposelection procedures and help its patients achieved their desired results within a short time -not only to provide bulk removal of pure fats, but also to sculpt and contour the body with precise symmetry, ensure good skin tone and without obvious visible scars associated with traditional liposuction. This is one new procedure that gives truly phenomenal results.

With their rich background in vaser, they are also trained by the world's best in High Definition Vaser:

They are the renown vaser expects, Dr Hoyos Alfredos, founder of VAHDL (Vaser Assisted High Definition Liposculpture) technique, who have created high-definition torsos and backs for thousands of patients; and Dr John Millard, who was the chief instructor and founder of ABS (Advanced Body Sculpting Institute) and pioneer of VADHL in the United States.

"We have the privilege and honor of training under and working with the world's best in high definition vaser. It has changed our whole idea of sculpting, from mere fat removal to high standards of liposculpture, delivering a much more satisfying natural results to patients. The concepts that Dr Hoyos and Dr Millard have so gracefully shared with us, are so incorporated into our practice now that it will forever change the whole way we do liposculpture. We are confident that we will continue to evolve into not just more gratifying results but new avenues that were never ventured before. "

- Dr Jim Wong, TLC partner and one of VAHDL Practitioners in TLC.
In Lipodissolve and other fat contouring procedures

When the NETWORK-Lipolysis was formed in 2003 by Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner, our doctors were one of the first Asian physicians to be invited and trained personally by him at his medical spa and hospital in Austria. While many may claim to be practicing Lipodissolve here in Singapore, TLC doctors are the ones certified by the network to be practitioners of this effective fat removing therapy. With our doctors' vast experience in such treatment, we are constantly researching into the practice of lipodissolve and has recently introduced a new revolutionary cocktail that is specially formulated for Asians in maximizing removal of fat and cellulite at various body regions with a shorter duration of treatment and down time.

Our doctors are also personally coached in Paris by one of the early pioneers in mesotherapy - Dr Jacque Le Coz, who was formerly the president of the French and International (VP) Society of Mesotherapy. They have also been to additional courses in Paris under the same group of French physicians lead by Dr. Le Coz. After the high-level training, our doctors have also managed to achieve consistent and amazing results by administering the anti-cellulite mesotherapy procedure on our patients.

In double eyelid surgery

TLC team have taken an exceptional keen interest in double eyelid surgery for Asians. TLC doctors' passion took them beyond the boundaries of Singapore where they had the privilege of being personally trained by a renowned foreign plastic surgeon who pioneered a technically advance method of creating permanent double eyelids with virtually no visible scar and minimal down time i.e. SET (scarless eyelid technique). As such TLC doctors were the first to practice this superior technique in Singapore and their results have been astonishing.
In Botox / Fillers / Laser / IPL / Chemical peels / Skincare and other new advanced aesthetic procedures

TLC doctors have completed the full requirements of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) to be awarded its Aesthetic Medicine Diploma - recognized by the Academy to be fully trained in different areas of aesthetic practice, namely BOTOX, fillers, chemical peels, aesthetic dermatology and anti-aging medicine.

The AAAM provides regular updates of information gathered from the Aesthetic Medicine global community such that members are kept in the loop of information exchanges between 20 national societies. This has allowed our doctors to keep abreast with the latest clinical knowledge, international techniques, technologies, pharmaceuticals, products and programs that focus on aesthetic medicine.

Through various training from renown doctors all over the world, from U.S, Europe, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, our doctors were able to master the art of various other non-invasive aesthetic procedures such as new advanced Botox® and fillers procedures, non-surgical face lift, gold threads and fat grafting. Our doctors have also customized medical grade skin care products for his patients. This has enabled them to help our patients, who request for quick, non-invasive procedures with minimal downtime, to achieve their desired state of health and beauty with greatest satisfaction.

Our doctors are also bestowed by internationally recognised institutions such as Cardiff University in Wales and National University of Singapore, titles of Diplomas of Dermatology and deemed fit to be proficient in practicing various fields of dermatology. Combined with many years of exposure in dermatology in our practice, we are able to treat various patients of different aesthetic dermatological conditions and also provide a high standard of medical skincare to improve patient's cosmetic outlook dramatically.

It is always TLC clinic doctors' aim and desire to be continually updated of the latest cosmetic medical and surgical techniques, through our professional exposure with renowned specialists from all over the world, so as to provide aesthetic services that will produce the best results for our patients.


For appointment, please contact us at: 6732 4802
For enquiries, please email us at: enquiries@tlcclinic.com

Fax : 6732 1857

Address: 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, #B1-04, Singapore 238882
TLC Aesthetic Experience

At our initial consultation, our doctors will design aesthetic package according to your area(s) of concern, your expectations, and your lifestyle demands. Call 6732 4802 for an appointment.

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