A non surgical and effective latest revolution BODY Focus BF System .That uses a patented 4 in 1 technology with its unique Light Therapy to target on various body imperfections. This ensures you to achieve the body you long desire…in a short period of time.

Technology: -Patented 4 in1 revolutionary slimming technology


To treat cellulite up to 7cm beneath skin more effectively, combat water retention and to reduce slimming swelling caused by cellulite inflammation.

-Infra-Red Rays

A thermal therapy to improve micro-circulation to aid higher metabolism rate; and to stimulate the production of ATP in fats and muscle for the preparation of combusting the fats

-Chromotherapy – 4 Colours light treatment

Blue-Calm and soothe skin

Red-Fat burning, stimulating, breaking down of cellulite & improving blood circulation

Green- Detoxifies, purifies and lymphatic drainage

Yellow-Toning of muscle

-Electro Stimulation

To give direct stimulation at muscle layer, placing glue electrodes for lymphatic drainage

Guaranteed Satisfactory Results

¨ Treats lymphatic stasis

¨ Stimulate Metabolism rate

¨ Burns fat at a faster rate

¨ Aids digestion

¨ Melts away unwanted body fats

¨ Tones & firms flabby skin

¨ Improves blood circulation

TOUCHE Beauty Rejuvenation
390 Orchard Road #04-02 Palais Renaissance Singapore 238871
(Opposite Hilton Hotel)
Tel 6738 8441

TOUCHE The Beauty Element
27C Tanjong Pagar Road #04-00 Singapore 088450
(Near Maxwell Food Centre)
Tel 6221 6612

TOUCHE Beauty Infinity
9 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-02 TQL Suites Singapore 188098
(Opposite Bugis Junction))
Tel: 6238 0500


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