TRUE SHAPE seeks to provide customized solutions to your skin and beauty problems. Combining more than 20 years of experiences, we have accumulated a whole range of trial-and-proven technologies and products from all over the world to cater to different kinds of beauty problems encountered by people from all walks of life.

Our signature treatment, TrueShape ReNewaLift, has been endorsed by thousands of our customers with its ability to remove blemishes almost instantly.

Our Philosophies

Face Therapy

TrueShape ReNewaLift

This 4-phase comprehensive treatment is created to smoothen and brighten your skin with its instant peeling effect. Dead skin cells will be removed, and spots and blemishes will be lightened immediately.
Phase 1 - Cell Powder & Herbs Serum

The cell powder, which contains a combination of plant extracts and medicinal herbs, when mixed with the herbs serum, provides a high-quality royal jelly that is extremely rich in collagens and other essential nutrients. It activates the skin metabolism to quickly regenerate new healthy skin cells.
Phase 2 - Rose Essence Exfoliation

The rose essence helps to diffuse redness and blemishes of epidermis, and causes the exfoliation of dull and dead skins.
Phase 3 - Rose Essence Massage & Mask

This aroma-therapeutic massage enables the rose essence to seep deeper into your skin, which helps to further diffuse other deeper blemishes. It also helps to relax your facial muscles and smoothen expression lines.
Phase 4 - Enzyme Mask

This final step provides more nutrients to your skin for regeneration of new skin cells. It also helps to improve your skin elasticity and tightness.

Intense Light Rejuvenation
It is an advanced dermatological technology that delivers a broad band of intense light of different wavelengths to the melanin (skin pigment) and haemoglobin (red blood cells).The intense light is delivered as short flashes, which are precisely timed to heat up to the precise temperature to destroy the pigmented cells, but without damaging the surrounding tissues. The heat, when absorbed by the haemoglobin, also causes a reduction in sebaceous (oil) glands. This is useful for acne treatment.
The solution to get rid of spots and blemishes, wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, freckles, pot-holes and spider veins
The solution to stop and get rid of inflammatory acnes
Suitable for all skin types

Thermal Face Lift

One of the latest advances used in dermatological treatment.It utilizes radiofrequency waves to generate heat deep within skin tissues. This heat energy stimulates the body's collagen to contract, creating a tightening and rejuvenating effect.
The solution to sagging, wrinkled, and dull facial skin
Tighten the skin to provide lifting
Tone facial muscles for a more refined face shape
Relax facial muscles to ease wrinkles
Improve blood circulation to give the skin a radiant glow
Visible result after one treatment

Botanical Stem Cell

This is a special formulation gel containing undifferentiated cells. These cells will differentiate into the same type of cells as the damaged cells and replace them. These undifferentiated cells, called stem cells, have the potential to reproduce any kind of cells in the body and thus the capacity for self-renewal. It is excellent for many of today's skin problems such as pitted hole, scar and uneven skin tone, pigmentation, wrinkles and dull skin. Its active ingredients are listed as below:
Amino Acids

Rich in Leusine, Lysine and Threonine that cannot be produced by our body, which are essential for collagen and elastin synthesis.
Vitamins & Antioxidants

Rich in Vitamin C (whose effectiveness against wrinkles is backed by fair amount of scientific evidence), Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Vitamin E, which are antioxidants vital in protecting skin cells from UV lignt, pollution and other elements that produce cell damaging free radicals.
Nucleic Acid

Core Component of DNA and repairs skin cells at genetic level.
Hyaluronic Acid

Acts as cement agent for skin cells and fibres.
Lycopersicon Esculentum

Antioxidant and helps in scar healing.

Sparkling Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion acts by way of controllable exfoliation of the stratum corneum (outermost) layer of skin via the mechanical abrasion of a diamond-tipped head. The special microdermabrasion wand gently abrades your skin to effectively remove dead skin cells. The abrasive action of natural diamond chips works hand in hand with the cleansing action of a vacuum to give you instant result. This also helps to bring the new and healthy layer of skin tissues to the surface.
Remove blackheads and whiteheads
Remove dead skins
Brighten dull skin
Speed up new and healthy skin tissue regeneration
Suitable for all skin types

Icy Pores Tightening

This face indulgence treatment starts off with a deep cleansing and surface skin exfoliation process, followed by a soothing massage using the 'cold hammer technique'. It includes the use of a special gel from plant extract that is massaged lightly onto the skin via a 'cold hammer' to effectively shrink down the pore size of the skin.
Reduce open pores to smoothen skin
Tighten facial skin tissues
Improve blood circulation to give skin a radiant glow
Suitable for normal to oily skin types

Multi-Color Light Face

A LED photomodulation therapy, it works via the interaction of light delivered through Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) with skin cells to stimulate them to produce more collagen and elastin. By building collagen, wrinkles and cellulite are reduced skin retains a youthful and radiant appearance. LED Photomodulation also suppresses collagen-degrading enzymes that assist in the aging process.
Reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
Improve skin tones, textures and elasticity
Improve blood circulation to give skin a radiant glow
Suitable for all skin types

Age Defying Bio-Plantal

This 4-phase comprehensive treatment is created to perfect skin troubled with signs of aging. It is formulated with Bio-plantal (plant placental found at young plant's pistil - female organ of flower) derivatives . The 4-phase treatment works synergistically to reduce appearance of skin discoloration, and to nourish pre-matured skin conditions
Phase 1 - Microdermabrasion Cream

A revolutionary epidermal cell structure regenerating exfoliation method. The magnesium oxide beads in the cream is designed to hold only the right amount of cells for more precise results.
Phase 2 - Bio-Plantal Nourishing Essence

Rich in RNA and DNA, which are essentials of genes, and Bio-plantal derivatives, which are extremely rich in nutrients that feed the fruits of plant during its growth stage. Together, it activates skin metabolism to quickly regenerate new healthy skin cells, and keep your skin young and nourish.
Phase 3 - Aqua Nourishing Massage Blend

This aroma-therapeutic massage helps to relax your facial muscles and smoothen expression lines.
Phase 4 - Bio-Plantal Nourishing Mask Powder + Nourishing Solutions

Besides Bio-plantal derivatives, it contains Aloe extracts, which provides soothing effects to your skin. It is also rich in Vitamin A, C and E, which are known essentials for collagen production, and antioxidants vital in protecting your skins from damaging free radicals.

High Performance Acne Oxy-Clarifying

This 4-phase comprehensive treatment is created to perfect skin troubled with acne and blemishes. It is formulated with a comprehensive blend of anti-acne ingredients, which work synergistically to minimize sebum production, unclog impurities from pores, treat bacteria inflammation and restore balance to the skin.
Phase 1 - Skin Enzymatic Gel

It comprises of a blend of Papaya and Pineapple Enzyme (natural exfoliant), Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oil (germicidal), and Lactic Acid (natural absorbent of sebum), to help normalize the hyper-keratosic process that trigger acneic breakout.
Phase 2 - Acne Oxy Essence

It helps to control activity of 5-alpha-reductase enzyme responsible for sebum production.
Phase 3 - Acne Clarifying Essence Blend

Soothe inflamed skin and helps to maintain skin's pH level. It contains a blend of Lemon, Cypress and Ylang Ylang oil that help to combat skin infection and irritation.
Phase 4 - Acne Clarifying Mask Power and Mask Gel

It contains soothing ingredients like cucumber, camomile, lavender, horsechestnut and tea-tree extracts to relieve and improve the skin apperance after extraction.

Purifying Acne Solution

This is a deep pore cleansing facial treatment that includes the extraction of deeply embedded impurities and excess sebum beyond the skin surface to impart a refreshing sensation to your face while minimizing oil production and surface bacteria. It is excellent for acne and oily T-zone skin types.
Helps to normalize sebum production to avoid plugging
Provides anti-bacterial activity against causative organisms of acne
Helps to maintain optimal pH of 5.5 that supports the natural protective acid mantle of skin
Suitable for oily and combination skin types

Crystal De White

Achieve a porcelain-like complexion with our whitening facial - a facial experience that involves deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation with natural whitening ingredients to clear away dead skin cells that causes dull, uneven skin tone. It includes a face massage as a finishing touch.
Whiten and brighten skin tone
Suitable for all skin types

Eyes Therapy

Refreshing Eye Contour

This intensive treatment is delivered using our unique Bio-Current Magnetic Eye Micro-Massager, with double heads specially sized to cover the entire eye contour area. It is applied together with our icy cool eye gel. The bio-current emitted stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells, while the bio-magnet helps to improve blood circulation around the eyes. The treatment comes with our soothing eye mask as a finishing touch.
Reduce dark eye rings
Reduce eyes puffiness
Reduce unsightly fine lines and crowfeets around the eyes
Remove dead cells accumulated around delicate eye areas
Relax eyes muscles

Thermal Eye Lift

This therapy utilizes radio frequency waves to generate heat deep within skin tissues around the eyes. This heat energy stimulates the collagen to contract, creating a tightening and rejuvenating effect. It also stimulates collagen growth around the eyes.
Tighten and lift the skin around the eyes
Reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes
Reduce eye bags, puffiness and sagging

Bust Therapy

A woman's emotional and physiological needs are closely linked to her self-confidence, and women who are less-endowed often feel inferior to their more better-endowed counterparts. This is due to having less fatty tissues in their breasts or lower amount of female hormones produced during breast development period. Insufficient hormones may arise as a result of genetics, pregnancy, menopause or bad health. While modern surgical procedures have improved drastically, drawbacks and risks still exist for women who opt for breast implants. Unsightly surgical scars, infections and other breast complications may still occur despite thousands of dollars spent.

Sagging or dropping of breasts is a natural inevitable process that happens to all women at some point. The secret to prevention is to start your breast firming care early. Breast sagging occurs for several different reasons, but mainly due to:
Natural Aging
Rapid Weight Loss
Multiple Pregnancy

TRUE SHAPE uses the latest technological equipment, together with uniquely formulated products derived from herbaceous plants that are 100% natural and safe. They aid in developing fuller and better-defined breasts.

Bust Cup Enhancement

True Shape's Bust Cup Enhancement Therapy utilizes a high performance and unique suction, combines with our uniquely formulated bust care products(ultra rich in botanical Phytoestrogen, a breast enlarging chemical), to strengthen cell walls of bust connective tissues, and considerably improve the shape and firmness of the bust and neckline.

Lymphatic Drainage Bust Contouring

This intensive bust treatment uses lymphatic drainage technique. It involves the use of a special suction massagers that are designed to help open up the lymphatic nodes around the breast region. This helps to stimulate breast tissue glands and aid in detoxification which are important for healthy growth of breast tissues.

Multi-Color Light Bust Therapy

This intensive bust treatment uses LED photomodulation, that works via the interaction of a spectrum of color-light ranging from red to violet, delivered through Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), with skin cells and stimulate them to produce more collagen. It effectively improves skin elasticity for a firmer and toner bust line.


Thermal Body Slim

This is a painless treatment that makes use of radio-frequency waves to generate heat deep within tissues. This heat energy stimulates the body's collagen to contract, creating a tightening and lifting effect on the skin, and increase the skin elasticity.

Cellulite appears when the elasticity of the skin is not strong enough to hold the fat cells and the natural fiber compartments of the skin bulge to form uneven layers of fats underneath. Thus this treatment also helps to reduce the appearance of dimples and bumps on the skin surface.
Tighten skin to provide lifting effect
Reduce appearance of cellulite
Tone and shape body contour

3-in-1 Body Perfector

One of the latest techologies in weight-losing treatment. It utilizes bio-current to generate heat deep within skin tissues. This heat energy helps to dissolve the adipose fats under the skin and at the same time, stimulates the skin tissue to contract, creating a tightening effect. It also helps to improve your lymphatic drainage. It is the ultimate solution to detox, lose and tone fast.

Catering to the different needs of individuals, you may choose from full body or spot toning and slimming.

Experience visible result in just one visit!
Reduce adipose fats under the skin
Reduce appearance of cellulite
Combat water retention problem
Tone muscles and trim flabby areas

Lymphatic Drainage Body Contouring

This intensive body contouring treatment involves the use of special suction massagers that are designed to help open up the nodes of the body and aid in detoxification. In addition, it helps to balance out the fats deposit under the skin, and firm up loose sagging skins. This reduces the look of cellulite, and provides a toner body. It also helps to remove excess fluids.
Improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation
Aids in detoxification
Reduce appearance of cellulite
Firm and tone body
Permanent Hair Removal

Intense Light Hair Removal
TRUE SHAPE utilizes Intense Pulsed Light System (IPL) which uses targeted flashes of light to destroy the hair follicle tissues, without damaging surrounding tissues, so that regrowth of hair is no longer possible. Each flash targets numerous hair follicles simultaneously, allowing for the treatment of large areas quickly and effectively.
No More Shaving ,Waxing or Plucking! Allow us to help you with this permanent solution!

Treatment areas:
Under Arm
Upper Lip
Facial Area
Full Hands
Full Legs
Bikini Line
Lower Back
Full Body

3D Brows Embroidery

Natural : Permanent : Flawless

Brows is a critical feature of our face. They are the frame of our eyes and have the power to totally transform a look. Unlike traditional tattooing, this latest eyebrow embroidery method from Korea combines carefully crafted embroidered hair lines customized to your original brow hair lines, with organic vegetable dyes to create a 3 dimensional and super-natural effect.

Call to make an appointment with our expert now for free consultancy!

3D Lips Embroidery

Stay Kissable with these Luscious Lips!

Bid goodbye to lips stick and lips gloss as this latest technology enables you to have permanent luscious-looking lips. This is a safe and painless procedure that provide you with permanent and very natural lips shape and color. Moreover, there will be a whole range of colors for you to choose from, to complement your features and skin color.

Aroma Therapy
Aroma Indulgence Massage

Aromatherapy Indulgence Massage is a 60 minutes relaxing lymphatic Swedish massage with our in-house blended essential oils. Together with the fragrance from oil burner, you will be immersed in a soothing and aromatic ambience. This not only helps to stimulate blood and lymph fluids flow, it also helps your body muscles and nerves to relax.

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