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Back massage techniques have become one of the main focus points in the work of massage therapists. Modern lifestyle forces us to neglect our body and to sometimes put a lot of pressure on our back and spine. Chronic back pain has become a major part of modern civilization.

Here are some reasons why many people suffer from back pain:

Chronic stress due to work place set-ups: Being on your feet all day long or sitting in an office chair for hours put a lot of stress on the shoulders and the back.

Not enough exercise

Chronic dehydration

Modern fashion (like high heels)

Back massage techniques are often times not more than an emergency treatment. In order to be successful with a back treatment you need to address all aspects of life with your client. You need to look at working habits, amount of sleep, exercise habits and even diet if you want to make progress with back conditions.

Back massage techniques are a wonderful asset in preventing back conditions and should always be part of a comprehensive wellness program. In my experience strengthening of the abdominal muscles can work wonders with back conditions.

I have also noticed that many massage therapists promote back massage techniques for acute back problems, but I would be very careful with that. The back is usually is already stressed, so adding on additional stress with massage can be counterproductive.

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