The B2 Actigen™ Skin Care Program, unique only to our outlet, is a collection of non-comedogenic, non-exfoliating products that gently reduce the signs of aging, sun damage and skin blemishes. At the heart of the B2 Actigen is its unique proprietary peptide, called TA5 which in combination with natural plant extracts, vitamin C and trace minerals, harnesses the power of peptide chemistry in an innovative skincare program whose cornerstone is the Collagen Stimulating Mask.


Collagen is the main component of the skin’s dermal matrix, the structure responsible for the strength, spring and thickness of youthful skin. Gentle stimulation of collagen-producing cells in an optimized nutritional environment ensures a robust and youthful cycle of collagen renewal and cellular rejuvenation.

Dermatological Findings

A major feature of youthful skin is its resiliency to physical stress. The collagen makeup of youthful skin is 70% Collagen III and 30% Collagen I. Collagen III has elastic properties, but aging replaces Collagen III with relatively inelastic Collagen I. Skin treated with B2 ACTIGEN™ demonstrates a rebound in Collagen III levels and a reversal in collagen ratios consistent with youthful skin. The cosmetic result is progressive improvement in skin tone and resiliency with ongoing treatment. Ongoing experience with B2-Actigen has shown that the beneficial effect of the B2 ACTIGEN is cumulative over time.

Electron Micrograph Scan Findings

Electron Micrographs (20,000X) scans of skin models treated with B2 ACTIGEN illustrate an increase in the density and length of collagen fibers and a reduction in the prevalence of broken collagen fragments.

The testing revealed that:

* The B2 Actigen™ stimulates extensive new collagen production.

* The B2 Actigen™ provides optimum skin nutrition to maintain healthful skin rejuvenation.

The efficacy of the B2 Actigen™ will increase as skin matures.


- B2 Actigen Improves Photoaged Skin

There are a number of products such as alpha-hydroxy acid and retinoic acid derivatives that have been shown to reverse the effects of photo damage and to improve the cosmetic appearance of the skin. The efficacy of topical B2 Actigen in treating photo aging is well-established in vitro study. This study was conducted to verify and assess the effect of the B2 Actigen on photodamaged human skin. The B2 Actigen is supposed to improve the cosmetic appearance of the skin -namely to reduce or eliminate abnormal pigmentation, and to decrease skin wrinkles. Essentially, all rejuvenation preparations have ingredients that bleach brown pigmentation. It appears that the decrease in skin wrinkles is due to new collagen production according to an in vitro study done by an independent laboratory (Advanced Tissue Sciences). However, it is unclear whether an apparent decrease in skin wrinkles is due to new production of collagen or due to sub clinical irritation. This sub clinical irritation causes leakage from small blood vessels in the skin causing mild water accumulation under the skin surface making small wrinkles less noticeable. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the decrease in skin wrinkles observed after treatment with B2 Actigen was due to new collagen production or sub clinical irritation.

The clinical trial divided participants into two groups. The subjects were evaluated 24 hours after product application. An independent laboratory tested for increased collagen production by measuring for changes in the levels of the collagen building block proline, which is considered a market for heightened collagen production.

1. Quantitative measurement of skin thickness by high frequency ultrasonography on human skin.

2. Qualitative analysis of B2 Actigen on subject for overall cosmetic improvement, irritation study, decrease in the number of wrinkles, decrease in the amount of hyper pigmentation by the duration completed


The open label, six week pilot study involved 15 women between the ages of 28 and 56. All patients were in good general health and had moderate amounts of clinically diagnosed actinic damage, brown spots, and fine wrinkles. Women who were using Retin-A or other chemical peel or rejuvenating cream at present or in the past three months were excluded from the study. However, all of the participants had used Retin- A and/or chemical peels in the past. At the initial visit and then weekly, Activor Corporation's B2 Actigen was applied to the volunteers by the principle investigator. At the end of the study, participants were asked to complete a questionnaire and to rate the efficacy of the product for qualitative evaluation. Patients stopped using all topical medication for two weeks prior to the study.

The protocol had been approved by our institutional review board (Ball Memorial Hospital, Research Department, 2401 University Avenue Muncie, IN 47303-3499) and informed consent was obtained from all patients. Furthermore, a key component of the study for quantitative analysis was the use of high frequency ultrasound (20Mhz and above) ultrasonography to measure the effect of B2 Actigen on epidermal thickness. High frequency ultrasonography is an advanced bioengineering technique designed specifically for examination of the skin.

Participants were divided into two groups. Nine participants were measured at the initiation of the study and then remeasured 24 hours after the application of B2 Actigen.

The second groups, consisting of six participants, were measured upon the initiation of the study and again at two weeks, four weeks, and six weeks.

The clinical testing revealed that:

• B2 Actigen stimulates an increase in dermal proline levels and extensive new collagen production. After six weeks of regular treatment, the average increase in epidermal thickness, in both groups, measured by high frequency ultrasound, was 8%.

• B2 Actigen provides optimum skin nutrition to maintain healthy skin rejuvenation.

• B2 Actigen becomes continually more effective as skin matures.

Clinical study participants cited the following observations at the conclusion of the six week study:

• 0% - confirmed there was no product sensitivity: Zero side effect!.

• 97% - stated their overall cosmetic appearance had improved.

• 97% - stated the visibility of their pores decreased.

• 97% - stated the incidence of acne decreased.

• 72% - stated the appearance of wrinkles decreased.

• 63% - stated the appearance of irregular skin blemishes decreased.

Ball Memorial Hospital is a regional medical referral center and teaching hospital serving a seven-county area in East Central Indiana. It has 436 operating beds, 2,400 employees and more than 250 physicians on its Clinical Staff, trained in 26 recognized medical specialties. A teaching facility, Ball Hospital is affiliated with Indiana University School of Medicine and is the largest teaching center outside of Indianapolis with 64 physicians involved in family practice, internal medicine, pathology and flexible residencies and a sports medicine fellowship program.

Introducing the widely acclaimed B2 Actigen System Mask by Activor. Containing trademarked peptide, B2 Actigen Complex, this revolutionary mask caused a sensation in the U.S.A regarding its ability to stimulate extensive collagen renewal and provide optimum skin nutrition to maintain healthful skin rejuvenation. Product write-ups have appeared in well established and respected magazines such as Vogue and Allure.

First, we cleanse off the environmental pollution in preparation for the facial using a peptide cleanser in a gentle massaging motion. This cleanser ensures optimal penetration of useful and important ingredients present in facial masks.

We then apply the fruit facial, allowing the fruit essence to penetrate the dermal areas, stripping off layers of dead skin, softening stubborn dirt residing in skin pores, resulting in clear, healthy skin. This is an important step of the whole facial process. By thoroughly cleansing the skin, we assist important peptide ingredients to be easily absorbed into the skin. Using a chilled spray to freshen up the skin, we cleanse off the fruit facial followed by a chilled towel.

Applying on the peptide moisturizer, you are then treated to luxuriating face massage that relaxes your mind and body. In this step, we’re giving the skin as much peptide boost as possible.

First, we mix the B2 Actigen Complex Powder together with the Activator. This is a potent mixture is then applied in an upward motion all over the facial area, paying attention to problem areas such as wrinkle line, pigmentation and t-zone areas. As the mask dries throughout the session, you will feel a tightening and massaging sensation as the mask starts to work its magic.

Using a wet sponge we soften the dried mask with moisture, followed by massaging motions to gently remove the mask. This is to retain the beneficial properties of the mask, instead of scraping them off, at the same time, giving the skin an extra ‘workout’ session that keeps skin tone supple.

Enjoy the healthy glowing look at the end of the session! With repeated sessions, you can actually reverse the aging process as you give your skin the best gift in anti-aging: the protection of its own skin cells and arming it with the ability to self-regenerate and rejuvenate!

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