‘BHA’ Bio-Lift Treatment is an ideal treatment for exfoliating dead skin cells and speeds up skin’s metabolism. It enhances the skin ability to resist against bacteria invading and thus preventing it from skin problems and infections. ‘BHA’ Bio-Lift Treatment also lift “loose “ saggy facial tissues giving you a young, supple, radiant complexion.

It starts off with a deep cleansing using Natural Plant extract’s cleansing milk to remove skin impurities, including makeup, dirt and surface oil without stripping off the skin’s precious lipids. It follows by a deep exfoliation using ‘Peelinc Americano’ , to removes dead skin cells without irritating the healthy cells, it will not only improves the skin clarity and texture but also the smoothness. And finally, it ended with a ‘Magic Mask’ which will lift the “loose” saggy facial tissues giving you a firm and lift skin texture. This 90 mins treatment will complete with a relaxing massage on the neck, shoulder and upper back to relief tensions.

BHA’ Bio-Lift Treatment is suitable for all skin types and is recommended for anyone who are concerned with the degenerative effects of natural environmental forces and aging and those who looks dull, uneven skin tone due to stress or any other means.


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