After a few minutes of relaxation, the skin’s texture is carefully refined and the complexion is clarified with RENOVATEUR**. Your Beauty Therapist then places her expert hands on the décolletage and begins a long, ascending "sculpting" massage that relaxes the features and erases signs of fatigue. While specially designed micro-masks are applied to the eye contours and the lips to smooth fine lines and brighten the skin,

Your skin looks “lifted” and firmed and complexion is visibly radiant.

** The RENOVATEUR has been CARITA’s secret since 1960. The texture of the product – a surprising blend of roasted sunflower seeds that exfoliate the skin to reveal its satiny texture, and essential oils that soften and beautify. The beauty therapist applies the a mixture based on sunflower seeds to the client’s face or body, depending on the chosen treatment, then carries out a slow drainage massage lasting approximately 20 minutes. One hand massages while the other gently holds the skin in place. Little by little, the texture fades away and then completely disappears.

Customized to skin types:

    Anti-Ageing Renovateur (Progressif Anti-aging)

    Extreme Pureness Renovateur (Ideal Controle)

    Extreme Softness Renovateur (Ideal Douceur)

    Intense Hydrating Renovateur (Ideal Hydratation)

    Intense Nourishing Renovateur (Ideal Nutrition)

    Perfect Face Renovateur (Progressif Global)

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