Tighten up! (120 mins)

Weighed down by tired, sagging skin? Say rise and shine again with this treatment using advanced Endermologie Lift 6 technology. This revolutionary facial massages and stimulates facial muscles to redesign facial contours, softens wrinkles and reduces pores, just like a natural face-lift!

On our Technology: Endermologie: Lift 6

LIFT 6 is the first technology to act in three dimensions on the skin to achieve a firmer tone and healthier appearance. This unique and original restructuring beauty treatment redesigns facial contours, improves the appearance of pores, removes small imperfections, softens wrinkles and lines, and enhances the complexion. All these factors combine to rejuvenate the skin.

Results are obtained by a thorough and methodical work out performed on each square inch of the skin. This effects a "marked increase in circulation, temperature elevation, and a sensation of tingling, culminating in a type of tingling, culminating in a type of skin engorgement." A series of treatments are applied with increasing intensity over a period of several days.

The end result of such vigorous stimulation fights a laxness of the facial skin. The technique also produces a kind of well being of the face, such as one experiences throughout the entire body after a good massage.

The LIFT 6 is a technologically advanced device that recreates and improves upon one of the most revolutionary facial massage techniques in the history of skin care.

About Chez Moi de beaute

Chez Moi de Beaute (pronounced ‘shay’ ‘mua’ ‘dee’ ‘boat-ay’), has been delivering high-quality beauty services since 1990. Our name stands for “My House of Beauty” in French, which what you can expect to find at our premises: cosy ambience, friendly staff who know your name by heart, and caring, experienced therapists who help you pamper yourself while achieving the utmost level of beauty and relaxation. At Chez Moi, we don’t have customers, because all our customers are our friends. There is no hard-selling, no client discrimination, no thoughtless pushing of products. We genuinely care about your welfare, and as your friends, all we want to do is to help you love yourself. So give us a call at 67386 108 or email us at sales@chezmoi.com.sg, and give yourself a treat today.

Our Services include:

· Facials

· Massages

· Slimming and contouring

· Hydrotherapy

· Radio Frequency (RF) Treatments

o For lifting, toning, face and body re-contouring

· Advance Photo Therapy (AFT) Treatments

o For hair removal, whitening, pigmentation, pore-refining

· Brow Shaping

· Waxing

· Ear Candling

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