Objective: A Perfect Figure

Tri-Active is the result of DEKA’s new technology based on the combination of three different methods capable of restoring a normal balance to your skin. This treatment is designed to dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite through the combined action of a localized cooling system, rhythmic massage and deep laser stimulation.

Results: A Body Always in Shape

The Dermodynamic method, developed to treat all different body types, alow for a clinically appreciable reduction of cellulite, a decrease of circumferences of plicometry and an increase in skin elasticity.

Technology: A unique and innovative for a beautiful face

A radiant appearance at any age

Dermodynamic is a unique treatment worldwide. Tri-Active’s exclusive innovation uncovers a glowing beauty to your skin. With just a few delicate strokes, Tri-Active enhances the appearance of your skin by stimulating cellular renewal to visibly refine the skin’s surface. The lines on your face relax and the tiny wrinkles disappear. Your skin regains its original splendor, becoming velvety, smooth and radiant. Perfect to touch and look at in any light.


1) STIMULATIONThe laser action stimulates blood microcirculation within the veins and arteries while also increasing, lymphatic capacity.

2) COOLINGCryotherapy aids in cellulite reduction by reducing oedema and stimulating vascular activity in combination with the laser.


A penetrating massage stimulates lymph-drainage that provides greater elasticity and flexibility to the skin.
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