Thalgo offers the modern woman a whole range of exquisite body treatments and body products to target every part of you. Our ultra-relaxing and exclusive body treatments refine, tone and ease tensions, while our tranquil yet specialised facials offer spectacular results in purifying, hydrating and firming. For men we have specially created treatments -The Ocean Treatment.

Thalgo Facial


Cleanse decongest and rebalance oily and problem skin with this special micronised marine algae facial. Approx. 1 hr

Thalgo Soothing

The facial that calms, decongests and freshens skin to give a perfectly radiant complexion. Approx. 1 hr

Moisture QuenchingQuench your thirsty skin with natural active ingredients in this treatment that leaves your complexion soft, dewy and moisturised. Approx. 1 hr

Instant Comfort (Melt Away Mask)

A true nourishing bath to recover the suppleness and softness of the skin. Sensations of tightness and discomfort are instantly eased away. Approx 1 hr

Thaigomen - Purity Ritual

An immediate purifying treatment that leaves the skin feeling fresh and revitalised. Approx. 1 hr

Specific Facial Therapy

Age Control Treatment

Thalgo's unique Wrinkle Control modelling massage provides a deep-acting treatment of wrinkles. Your face is smoothed and relaxed immediately. Approx 1 hr 30 mins

Complete Youthful Treatment

A must-have treatment that involves Thalgo's original Energilift modelling massage, which acts on muscle tone and gives a genuine “manual face lift”. Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

Thalgogive Refining Firming Treatment

Effective anti-aging treatment to restructure skin right from within. Complexion is radiant with the regaining of tone and elasticity. Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

Pure Collagen Velvet Mask

The collagen mask treatment to rebalance moisture level, soften skin and diminish fine lines, resulting in a velvety smooth skin. Approx. I hr 30mins

Facial Modelling with Wrinkle Control Care

Special thermal mineral mask and marine-enriched wrinkle-control cream that lift and remodel skin to help reduce premature skin sagging and define facial contours. Approx. 1hr 30mins

Cold Marine

A cool mask and a specific treatment using reviving marine and plant extracts that help reduce redness and refine tension lines. Perfect for sensitive skin. Approx. 1 hr 30mins

Micronised Marine Algae

A pure natural seaweed treatment potent in minerals and vitamins deep cleanses and stabilises combination, oily or problem skin types. Approx. 1 hr 30 mins


Natural essential oils combined with rebalancing marine algae mask work to reduce inflammation and control excess sebum for youthful problem skin. Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

Thalgomen Ocean Treatment

Specially catered for men, this anti-ageing treatment thoroughly energises and rejuvenates the skin. Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

Bio Marine Warm Treatment

This delicious treatment deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin, instantly restoring its suppleness and softness. Approx. l hr 30 mins

Absolute Re-hydrating Treatment

Active marine ingredients, vegetal milks and a Marine Collagen Patch mask are used to deeply replenish, revive and soften skin texture in this luxurious treat. Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

Hydra-moisture Source Treatment

A unique hydrating mask that combines the use of active marine ingredients and vegetal milks to leave skin soft, radiant and hydrated immediately. Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

Oxygenating Purity Facial

An intensive cellular oxygenating treatment especially designed for polluted skin, the oxygenating purity facial uses targeted ingredients to bring about softening, invigorating and regenerating effects. Your skin regains its original radiant complexion immediately after treatment. Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

Oxygenating Facial With BHA

This anti-stress treatment is based on the use of the replenishing mask, unique in its freeze-dried form. The fragrance, colourant and preservative-free mask gives stressed, listless skin a fresh breath of oxygen and the renewed energy it craves. Your skin regains a new-found youthfulness that results in an instant beautiful glow.

Approx 1 hr 30 mins

Eye & Neck Therapy

Warm Eye Treatment

Prevent dryness, wrinkling and sagging around the eye-contour area with this intensive treatment. Approx. 30 mins

Collagen Eye Contour

Pure Native Soluble Collagen leaves the eye-contour area soft, smooth and line-free with this luxurious treatment. Approx. 30 mins

Collagen Neck

Your delicate neck area is firmed and moisturised to alleviate dryness, fine lines and sagging with this Pure Collagen Velvet treatment. Approx. 30 mins

Spa Therapy

Thalgo Body Exfoliation

This enjoyable deep-cleansing treatment gently removes dead skin cells leaving a renewed complexion that's irresistibly silky smooth. Approx. 30 mins

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

Oily, acne-prone skin often appears on the neglected back area. This treatment incorporates steam, gentle exfoliation, massage and selected mask to improve skin condition. Approx. 45 mins


A unique underwater jet massage which uses micronised marine algae and personalised essential oils to soothe tired muscles and revitalise the entire body. Approx. 30 mins

Refreshing BalneoA multitude of warm underwater jets infused with selected essential oils gently massages your entire body as you lie back in indulgent bliss. Approx. 20 mins


This ultimate therapy in body detoxifying and refining uses Thalassobath Sea Salts for a luxurious, remineralising and healing effect. Approx. 30 mins

Slimming & Firming Therapy

Frigi Thalgo Full Legs

Diminish the look of `orange peel’ and alleviate water retention with this cold wrap treatment that's the perfect answer to heavy, tired legs. Approx. 1 hr

Frigi Thalgo Buttocks & Tummy

This refreshing cold wrap targets localised weight problems and deficient cutaneous circulation for water retention and cellulite treatment. Approx. 7 hr

Toning Body WrapUsing the ultimate marine gel rich in minerals and vitamins, this intensive silhouette-refining body wrap firms slack muscles and detoxifies the body. May be used in conjunction with Thalgoslim. Approx. 7 hr

Toning Wrap with Thalgothermic (warm)

The ultimate detoxification wrap for an intensive silhouette-refining treatment using a warm marine gel enriched with minerals and vitamins, ideal for toning slack muscles. Approx 30 mins

Micronised Marine AlgaeThe original full body marine algae wrap. Saturating your skin with rich minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients to increase circulation, metabolism and enhance your total well-being. Approx. 30 mins

Marine Mud PreludeRefine your skin texture and invigorate your body with this ultra-exfoliation treatment using natural sea salts and marine mud rich in vitamins and minerals. Approx. 1 hr

Bust Modelling

Using natural plant and marine proteins, this intensive thermic treatment enhances skin elasticity and maintains bust firmness and definition. Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

Slim & Sculpt

An overall slimming and firming treatment which is personalised to resculpt and rejuvenate your body. The treatment helps to improve cellulite condition and sagging skin. Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

Aromaceane & Massage Therapy

Aromaceane Wrap

An ultra-relaxing, cleansing treatment that combines your chosen essential oil blend and rich sea mud. A customised blissful foot reflexology session is included here. Approx. 1 hr l5 mins

Aromaceane Therapy - Slender

Gentle hands and expert strokes refine your body silhouette using an irresistible blend of Moroccan Cedar, Spearmint, Cardamon and Juniper Berry essential oils. Approx. 1 hr

Aromaceane Therapy - Detox

Incorporating a delightful blend of Wintergreen, Basil, Carrot and Cabreuva essential oils, this lymphatic drainage massage effectively relieves water retention and tired legs. Approx. 1 hr

Aromaceane Therapy - Relax

A sublime blend of Lavender, Magnolia, Rose, Roman Camomile and Bitter Orange combines with relaxing massaging strokes to bring a peaceful night's sleep ahead for both body and mind. Approx. 1 hr

AromaCeane Therapy - Vitality

For an immediate uplifting effect, natural oils of Sylvester Pine, Peppermint, Hyssop and Rosemary are worked into your body using firm yet pleasurable massage techniques to fight fatigue and re-energise both body and soul. Approx 1 hr

Hot & Cold Stone Therapy (Mer & Sens)

Hot and Cold Stone

Relaxing treatments adapting the Mer & Sens method that is a combination of manual techniques which bring about total unique form of relaxation.

Mer & Sens Face

A truly relaxing facial experience incorporating the use of hot volcanic and cold marine stones to massage the face, neck and shoulders to ease away tension, but also gaining the remineralising benefits for your skin using the Thalgo products. Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

Hot Stone Body Exfoliation

A healing therapy that gently restores harmony and balance to your body as well as mind. Approx. 1 hr

Mer & Sens Body

This stress relieving massage works on all areas of the body, using both hot and cold stones to release muscle tension and aid sleep, a totally relaxing body treatment.

Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

Indoceane Treatment

lndoceane - the ancient ritual of relaxation

Thalgo draws upon the biological approach and takes relaxation to a higher level with its new intricate treatment born of ancient relaxation rituals - Indocéane.

Indoceane is a 4-step relaxation ritual that combines the best of purifying and relaxation techniques from the Orient with the powerful relaxing active ingredients from the depths of the marine world.

4 vital steps towards total relaxation

The Mediterranean Step - Purifying Relaxation

Delight in the feel of the Sweet and Savoury Body Scrub, which combines Qi-MarineTM, Sacred Lotus, brown sugar, salt and precious Essential Oils of the Mediterranean (Green Mandarin, Grapefruit, Lemon Petitgrain, Roman Camomile, Litesea Cubeba etc.) Skin feels sensational to the touch.

The Egyptian Step - Stress-relieving Relaxation

Luxuriate in the Precious Milk Bath, an astonishing bath powder rich in Qi-MarineTM and Sacred Lotus that transforms into a creamy milk consistency on contact with water. Your skin is sensuously enveloped in a shimmering white veil and your senses indulged with the fruity fragrance of peach and melon over sandalwood and vanilla base notes.

The Indian Step - Vitalising Relaxation

Qi-Baume, a rich balm concentrated in Qi-MarineTM , is first used to massage and un-knot the body's energy centres which accumulate nervous tension, such as the sacrum, solar plexus and wrists. This is then followed by the ultra-relaxing Indoceane intense

sculpting massage that combines Ayurveda as well as elements of Asian massage techniques which will lead the body into a state of peace and total harmony.

The Chinese Step - Regenerating Relaxation

The silky texture of the pristinely white Sublime Body Wrap is applied to the body in gentle sweeping strokes, cloaking skin in a silky, powdery veil. An enchanting fragrance of powdery Iris and Jasmine over sandalwood and white musk wraps itself delicately over you, restoring wholeness to your entire well-being. Your body is stress-free and pliant; your skin snowy white, radiant and velvety. Relaxation is complete.

Approx. 2 hrs 30 mins


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