The latest vitamins infusion anti-aging therapy that uses pure quality vitamin Ingredients to achieve multiple beneficial effects for your skin for radiant glowing and younger looking skin.

Technology:Micro Peeling – To remove dead skin cells and in depth cleansing for comedones extraction and better product penetration.

Active ingredients in specified treatment
¨ Pure Ascorbic Vitamin C
¨ Vitamin A
¨ Vitamin E

Suitable for all skin types
¨ Counteracts free radicals to prevent premature ageing of skin
¨ Protects against damages of cells to repair and promote healthy skin
¨ Pure ascorbic C whitening effects helps uneven skin tone, sun induced, pigmentation, dull complexion and dehydration problems
¨ Delays onset of wrinkle and lines, combat fine lines, enhances cell renewal to achieve revitalized, refined and youthful complexion
¨ Improves skin glow, strengthens texture resilience, promotes collagen and elastin synthesis to achieve firm and radiant complexion.

TOUCHE Beauty Rejuvenation
390 Orchard Road #04-02 Palais Renaissance Singapore 238871
(Opposite Hilton Hotel)
Tel 6738 8441

TOUCHE The Beauty Element
27C Tanjong Pagar Road #04-00 Singapore 088450
(Near Maxwell Food Centre)
Tel 6221 6612

TOUCHE Beauty Infinity
9 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-02 TQL Suites Singapore 188098
(Opposite Bugis Junction))
Tel: 6238 0500


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