CelluActiv Frequency (RF) Skin Therapy is the latest breakthrough Technology using radio frequency wave in medic aesthetic treatment .To activate skin, fats and muscle tissues at cellular level for optimal aesthetic correction, rejuvenation and improvement to restore our youth and vitality.

Technology :

- Latest & one of the most advanced skin technology in the world today

- Using "FDA-approved medical RF -type energy" for deep tissue heating to stimulate cellular activity for optimal aesthetic correction

- A non invasive and safe treatment that uses a hand held wand to apply radio frequency energy deep into skin.

- RF Waves causes a raise in temperature to shrink existing collagen to result in tightening of the overlying skin

- RF procedures can be combined effectively with CIPLight treatments to enhance the effects of a firm and even tone & texture skin.

Suitable for all skin type

¨ Cell activator and rejuvenator

¨ Regenerate collagen

¨ Diminish wrinkles

¨ Diminish double chin

¨ Defining facial contour lines

¨ Uplifts and firms sagging skin

¨ Even out skin tone

¨ Antiseptic properties

¨ Open pores

¨ Adult acne

¨ Scar healing

¨ Improve blood circulation

¨ Treats sensitive skin, especially eczema

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