Are you weary of tweezing your eyebrows hair by hair, trying to get the perfect shape? Do you hate ripping off skin when you wax your upper lip? Maybe you would like to try threading…

What is Threading?

Threading is a traditional Indian form of hair removal. This procedure is now used by beauty therapists around the world to reshape eyebrows, remove the hair in the upper lip and face.

Threading involves pulling out a row of hairs from the follicle by twisting the hairs into a cotton thread. The therapist holds one end of the thread in her mouth and the other end in one of her hands. She uses her free hand to grab the middle of the thread to form a loop that traps the unwanted row of hairs. Then the specialist pulls the hairs from the skin, leaving a smooth finish.

Threading vs Waxing or Tweezers

• Threading just pulls the facial hair, unlike waxing, which pulls the skin. Over time, waxing loosen the skin and develops premature wrinkles.

• Threading does not have the unpleasant side effects of rashes and irritation caused by the "stripping off" of the top layer of dead skin in waxing.

• Threading lifts the complete hair from the follicle while maintaining a larger coverage area, unlike tweezing, which is more time consuming.

• Threading gives perfect lines, creating the right form under the eyebrow instead of the arch that wax or tweezers do.

• Threading remove the hair from the roots while tweezers cut the hair, resulting in thicker and faster growing hair. Ingrown hairs (black points) may occasionally develop.

• Threading do not only remove facial hair, it exfoliates too

Does it hurt?

It may sound painful, however threading is a lot less painful than waxing, which often burns or peels the top layer of the skin.

The sensation felt during threading is akin to the hair being plucked using tweezers, but unlike tweezing, threading removes many hairs at once. Since the hair is pulled out from the root, the hair that does grow back is usually finer and sparser. Frequent threading makes the hair regeneration time longer as they become thinner.

Eyebrow threading is a practice of shaping the eyebrows using a thread.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

• Eyebrow threading is the best method to shape your eyebrows in comparison with other methods as it gives perfect lines, creating the right form under the eyebrow instead of the arch that wax or tweezers do.

• Eyebrow threading is less expensive compared to other methods.

• Eyebrow threading is less painful than using tweezers.

How often one require eyebrow threading?

It varies from person to person but for eyebrows, usually every 2-3 weeks.

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