Founded in 1980, Celmonze International Laboratories (Celmonze IL) now comprises five state-of-the-art research labs located across Europe and North America, with its headquarter in Paris.

At Celmonze IL, we strongly believe successful products come from innovative formulations and dedicated people.
Our driving forces are:

    A team of qualified cosmetologists and specialists, with years of experience in biology, chemistry and cosmetology, that applies biotechnology to create state-of-the-art treatment products.
    A range of formulations encapsulating the active essence of specific ingredients, bringing the goodness of natural extracts to care for our skin's diverse needs.
    An inspiration to use biotechnology in packaging our skin care range to ensure minimal degradation of product efficacy and maximum glow for your skin.

Always true to our philosophy of giving the best products to loyal customers, we constantly bring new innovations to them.

Not only do we provide clinically proven treatments for customers to enjoy in salons, we ensure they continue the skin care routine back at home. Our home care range of skincare products is created with the same care, so your skin continues to benefit from Celmonze products.

Celmonze's skincare treatments and products
Celmonze's products are formulated for 3 major categories:

    Professional Multi-Cabin salon therapy – a comprehensive range of skin care solutions to be administered by qualified beauty therapist.
    Home use skincare range – a complementary range of products to protect and care for your skin at home, between salon visits.
    SPA body care – a line of essential oils-based body care essentials to pamper and provide therapeutic relief for body and soul.

Hydralga Bath Gel w/scrub
- 250ml
A body exfoliant for eliminating dead skin concentrate on elbows, knees, feet etc as it’s Polyethylene giving a scrub effect. And it’s rich in organic Iodine that trigger lipolysis and fight against cellulite.

Hydralga Body Milk
- 250ml
This moisturizing body milk contains of Vitamin C & E for anti-aging, anti-oxidant and its Sweet Almond oil provides soften and soothe skin to prevent dehydration.

Gommage Peeling
- 150ml
A “starter” for more receptive to any subsequent body treatment. It removes impurities, smoothes rough skin and enhance renewal process. Add any Bio-essential oil according to preference or problems to obtain optimum results.

Reducing Reaffirming Cream
- 250ml
This reshaping and toning cream helps to disintegrate fats. With Algisium C to promote reducing cellulite fibrosis.

 Thermo Active Gel
- 250ml
An effective slimming gel with L-carnitine that transform fatty acids into mitochondria for energy. It also contains of Guarana – herb with cellular anti-stress effect and Caffeine encourages breakdown of fats.

Oil Firm
- 250ml
A body oil that reaffirm and restructure cutaneous barrier. It contains Cypress essential oil that has vaso-constrictive properties to reduce perfusion of tissue and giving calm and uplifting senses. Highly recommended for dry, scale, and flaky skin.

Cold Gel
- 250ml
With the combination of plant extracts Ginkgo Biloba and Menthol essential oil, this gel promotes micro-circulation, possesses cooling, decongesting action. Thus relief tiredness of heavy legs and swelling legs.

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