Common problems that most of us are facing nowadays are strenuous workloads, stressful lifestyle, lack of exercise, insufficient sleep, etc. However, these are the main cause of headaches, tensions, anxiety, emotionally unstable, insomnia, nervousness and even mental depression. Therefore, it is very important to maintain as relax as possible both physically and mentally in order to cope with all the above.

Relaxing Neck & Shoulder Therapy made use of different kinds of Essential Oil (E.O) to enhance the overall effect of the treatment. It starts off with a thorax relieve using eucalyptus E.O to improve stuffy chest, palpitation, breathing difficulty, breathless, etc. It follow by a scapula relaxation and neck’s muscle relieve using Lavender E.O. It has an anti-stress and relaxing effect and it will encourage one to have a better sleep at night. Last but not least, it uses Rosemary E.O for skull stimulation. As there are more than 100 acupuncture points on the skull, stimulation will enhance our memory and concentration, reduce anxiety, improve tiredness, etc. The whole treatment will end with a heat compress treatment to stimulate the blood circulation as well as to relief tensions.

Relaxing Neck & Shoulder Therapy is an ideal therapy and treatment for people who are living and working in this modern society.

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