Traditional Indonesian Massage is an ancient system of healing which relies upon deep pressure massage to break down tensely knotted tissue as well as long strokes and skin rolling to relieve tension and improve circulation.

This is a therapy where pushing techniques predominate, working very deeply to ease muscle and joint pain. The oil is worked into the body using long sensual strokes spanning the length of the muscle to relieve tension. After the initial strokes are completed the sequence is finished with upwards strokes towards the heart. The skin is also rolled between the thumb and the forefinger to awaken nerve endings and increase blood flow. Circular thumb movements are used for the same purpose. Pressure points on the hands and feet are also massaged to relax the body.

If you are feeling stiff or suffering from pain, a traditional Indonesian Massage is highly recommended. An hour session of this massage is enough to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energised


*Helps to reduce stress, resulting in the rebalancing of the body, bringing harmony to the mind, body and spirit.
*The essential oils used are strongly therapeutic which have beneficial effects on the body's

circulation and lymphatic system by releasing its regenerative and self-healing powers.

*Contributes to improvement in the function of all major body systems.
*Relieves muscle tension and alleviate pains in the body.
*Improves blood circulation, digestion and even skin tone.


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