Yun Nam Hair Care is consumers’ no. 1* recommended hair treatment brandin Singapore and Malaysia.

For more than 20 years, Yun Nam Hair Care has helped countless customers resolve their various hair problems. The marriage between traditional herbs and Western technology has brought together the ideal solution to battle hair loss and other hair problems. Yun Nam Hair Care’s consultants are not only well-equipped with professional expertise to resolve your hair problem, but also driven to deliver top quality customer service.

To date, Yun Nam Hair Care has lived up to the reputation they're widely touted for – their trademark remedies and herbal treatments have seen a recovery rate of 98.7%. If you desire beautiful, healthy hair, experience a natural world of herbal hair care remedies at Yun Nam Hair Care.

*Based on Connecting Insights Consultants’ Hair, Face and Body Brand Awareness Survey Report, May 2009.


Yun Nam Hair Care believes that understanding their customers is the turning point in helping them get to the root of their hair problems. Finding out why and how the condition came about is the first step towards treating and implementing the appropriate hair care treatment in the shortest time as well as administering the most effective method available to the problem at hand.

Yun Nam has been helping customers resolve hair problems that most have been battling for half their lives. Being able to help their customers restore their crowning glories as well as their confidence is part of Yun Nam’s achievement.

Professional Herbal Hair Care Consultation

First and foremost, a professional consultant will conduct a thorough one-on-one consultation. This is done in order to develop a deeper understanding of the customer’s hair problem as well as its unique condition. This will provide the consultant with an in-depth understanding of the customer’s scalp condition. A general scalp and hair analysis will be conducted.


Computerized Hair Scanning Analysis

The second step uses state of the art computerized hair scanning technology to examine the hair follicles. This is to get a clearer picture of what problem your hair and scalp might be suffering from. This is a one-on-one personal consultation session.

Professional Hair Care Treatment
Everybody has different hair conditions and will face different hair problems. This is why Yun Nam Hair Care has come up with a customized hair care system where it analyses the scalp condition according to age and gender as well as other factors. This is done in order to come up with an appropriate hair care treatment as well as to accommodate other requests the customer may have or need.

Tracking the status and
development of healthy hair
Whilst in the treatment period, the professional experts will examine and follow up with the maintenance and development of each customer’s hair condition, making sure that it has achieved its best possible results, enabling the customers, in the shortest time, to regain thick beautiful healthy hair, restoring confidence and beauty.

1. Will my hair grow back after it's fallen out?

If the hair follicle is healthy, hair will grow back as it would in a normal hair cycle. The growth and rest phase for hair is anywhere between 3 to 5 years. In other words, each strand of hair will renew itself once in that period of time. Once the hair is in the rest phase, a new strand of hair will progress into the growth phase. As soon as the new hair reaches the scalp, the old hair will fall out, making way for new growth. As long as it's a healthy and active hair follicle, hair will continue to develop and grow. This is the cycle of healthy hair growth. Hair needs to feed on nutrients in the bloodstream in order to develop new growth. If the follicle is inactive or dead, it will not have the ability to produce new hair cells, this cutting off new hair growth. In a different scenario, if the follicle's ability to grow hair starts to decline, the bloodstream will thin out, causing a large quantity of hair to fall out faster, which will ultimately result in balding.

2. Is it normal for hair to fall out everyday?


Asians have about 100,000 strands of hair. Dropping 50 to 100 strands a day is considered normal. If you notice some hair fall from washing or brushing and combing, you don't have a thing to worry. It's only when you start to notice that you've been dropping more than 100 strands of hair a day, your scalp is becoming oily, it's starting to itch a lot more than usual and you're starting to see white flakes, and you're starting to lose a lot of hair in one area of the scalp, then you should really start to panic! You’ll need to seek help fast. Resolve your hair problems with the help of a professional hair expert!

3. Why does healthy hair have a radiant shine? 


Hair that has a shiny gloss reflects the health of the cells located in the epidermis layer of the scalp. When these cells are in their most transparent state, most of it being accumulated corneum cells, sunlight will be reflected from the surface of the hair. This reflection determines the degree of shine that will appear on the hair. Hair is shiny when the corneum cells line up and the hair strands lie parallel to each other. If the hair has been damaged, it will cause the cells to lose alignment, thus causing hair to lose sheen. Constant harsh treatment can wear right through the cuticle and expose the second hair layer - the cortex. This can result in split ends making the hair look rough and drab. This can ultimately lead to hair loss. Speak to a hair professional today to find out more about taking care of your hair.

4. Will frequent washing cause hair loss?


Many people are very conscious and even worried about developing hair problems. Some of us even have the misconception that the less you wash your hair; the chances of your hair falling out would be lower. The scalp's sebaceous gland secretes the most oil; if hair is not kept clean at all times, the excess oil will mix with the dirt that collects on the scalp, thus causing dandruff, and ultimately hair loss. Not only will you benefit from good hygiene, you will also be able to re-attune the blood circulation in the scalp, which can help prevent hair loss. If you want to know more about how often you should wash your hair and why, seeking the advice of a professional expert would be best recommended!


My hair seems to be thinning and it's getting a lot less. I can see my scalp and there is a lot of dandruff. I'm losing hair. What can I do?


This could be due to the fact that there is an influx of male hormones during puberty. More importantly, once your scalp is infected with Malassezia Furfur, a bacterial virus that grows in the sebum, it can affect sebum secretion, damage the hair shaft, cause the hair to lose its much-needed nutrients, and gradually thin out as well as split easily. Major hair loss will start to take place; dandruff will become more apparent and you may even start to experience itchiness, especially on the crown and the temple areas. This is where male hormones secrete the most and where balding is most apparent. If you're experiencing this problem, the best thing you should do right now is seek professional help. This is the best way to resolve your hair problems.


Sometimes wearing hats and helmets too tightly can cause itchiness. Will that also lead to hair loss?


You can say that; especially when it comes to men, as this is one of the factors contributing to hair loss. If hats are worn too tightly, it can accelerate hair loss. In general, you shouldn't be experiencing an itch when you're wearing a hat or helmet. If it starts itching and it doesn't seem to go away, it's better if you seek some professional consultation. Go for a thorough hair scan. Hair problems usually develop when there is something wrong with the scalp.


Will the daughter inherit her father's thinning hair problem?

Do not brush off such a possibility. On another note, you should keep your scalp and hair in tiptop condition by watching your hygiene and also keeping a check on what sort of products you use on your hair. As soon as a problem occurs, look for a certified professional to take a look at your hair problem. The good news for women is that their hair problems are easier to rectify than that of men.


My scalp is extremely oily. Can I get rid of the oil if I were to wash my hair everyday?


Washing your hair everyday can decrease sebum secretion but that may not be the solution behind the reason why you're suffering from the “oily scalp syndrome”. It could be due to an inflammation, clogged follicles, a drop or drastic rise in weight, stress, or even long term use of inappropriate or incorrect products on your hair. Cut down on oily and fried foods, take your Vitamin C supplements, drink more water and try not to stay up too late. If your hair problem remains unresolved or it seems to be getting worse, seek professional consultation promptly. Oily scalp can lead to massive hair loss if not treated quickly or correctly


Is hair loss a problem that occurs only in older people?


With the rapid changes in today's society, hair loss is no longer just a problem of the elderly. More people in between the ages of 15 to 20 are beginning to experience hair loss. Experts have pointed out that, the aftereffects that arise from studying and working can cause a considerable amount of stress. Besides that, a lack of sleep, taking in a lot of heaty or spicy food as well as frequent hair colouring are the 3 most common determinants of why hair loss occurs in younger people today. Hair professionals have asserted that if you're suffering from hair loss, even mildly, seek the right treatment straightaway. Waiting is not going to make it any better. Delaying treatment might even lead to permanent hair loss as you get older.


Can buying off-the-shelf products help me eliminate my hair problems?


Many sufferers of hair loss have the impression that they can buy simply any hair care products off the shelf or from the pharmacy and that so-called miracle product would resolve their hair problems for good. Truth be told, there are many different types of hair loss problems, caused by different circumstances, both internal and external. If the appropriate treatment is not administered, it is almost impossible to resolve the hair problem in the long run. Do not take it on yourself to spend a huge bundle on products without finding out if they're suitable for your hair. Only a professional expert will know what sort of treatments and products are suitable for your hair type. In no time, you'll be able to resolve your hair problems and restore good health back to your hair.


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