Inspired by Masaru Emoto’s revolutionary best-seller, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, two good friends decided to set up Z’Hado to spread this unique philosophy of healing and health through their signature touch and services. Our name Z’HADO originates from the Japanese symbol of HADO (“Healing And Discovering Ourselves”), which refers to the subtle universal energy that we are all a part of. This healing energy through the use of touch is lovingly extended to our clients through our interaction and services.

Passionate about holistic wellness and health, our mandate is to take inner beauty seriously by bringing it out of you. The moment you walk through our doors at Z’hado, we believe in taking care of every aspect of you: from the top to your toe; from the inside out. Accordingly, Z’hado has a full range of services catering to your external cosmetic needs from the face, nails to hair.

Instead of stopping at helping you put your best face forward, we take it a step further. We go to the root of your health condition with our customised total health-care programme and blood test, nutrition care and slimming programmes. To enhance our services, we are affiliated to Clinic Aesthetics Doctors Incorporated Pte. Ltd. and Contours Express.

Building you and your body up anew, we walk you towards a change of lifestyle to effect a real lasting change IN you.

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26A Liang Seah Street
189 047 Singapore
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10.30 am to 9.30 pm
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Hotline: (65) 6 338 4532
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Website: www.zhado.sg
Email: beauty@zhado.sg

How To Get There

Bugis MRT Exit C (Proceed to MOS Burger at Bugis Junction. Liang Seah Street is across the road.)

By Bus:
1. North Bridge Road (in front of North Bridge Commercial Complex)
SBS Transit Bus No.: 7,32, 51, 63, 80, 145, 197, 61, 51, 175

2. Beach Road (opp. Shaw Tower)

SBS Transit Bus No.: 100,107, 57

SMRT Bus No.: 961, 980

3. Beach Road (in front of Shaw Tower)

SBS Transit Bus No.: 100,107,57

SMRT Bus No.: 961

By Car:

1. No ERP: Park at car park next to Raffles Hospital
2. With ERP: Park along Liang Seah Street; Shaw Towel Car Park (Mon to Fri after 5 pm & Sat after 1pm: $2/entry); Bugis Junction Car Park (Mon to Fri after 5 pm: $2.14/entry)

Menu of You
This menu is not about you shopping for some treatment to slather upon your face. In Z’hado, we put the 
“U” back into menu, because this is all about you.
Whether you want to work on your outer glow, inner glow or total glow, each part of you is an important zone of your body map that adds up to the WHOLE you.
To emphasise how personal our services are, at Z’hado we believe in customising every package to your unique body needs, using the entire range of possible treatments that we offer in the house. This is how unique we think you are. FACIAL (price from $68 onwards…)
Relaxing Facial

A moisturizing cleansing treatment using a unique rich based enzyme powder to exfoliate dead cells and reveal a new radiance in your skin. This facial does not include extraction

Deep Cleansing Facial

A full procedure of deep cleansing, exfoliating scrub, steam and soft extraction if requested, with relaxing pressure point massage and refreshing masque.

Crystal Dermabrasion

Exfoliating more deeply than AHA, this is a phase-by-phase sequential peeling treatment that uses crystal powder to exfoliate the skin, rejuvenates epidermal tissue regrowth and ends with light therapy to calm the new tissue. Also suitable for dark skinned clients.

Skin Hydrating Facial

This skin-revitalising treatment begins with a deep cleansing, followed by a gentle enzyme peel to reveal smooth, glowing skin. Your newly-refreshed skin is deeply rehydrated to increase oxygen absorption and cell regeneration.

Skin Oily/Acne Facial

This anti-bacterial skin treatment effectively controls oil secretion and build-up of excess sebum that clog pores. Skin prone to blackheads or acne breakouts will benefit from its natural purifying formulation that cleanses yet calms irritated skin. SPECIAL FACIAL TREATMENT

Z’hado Signature Facial Spa

An intensive treatment to minimise pores, brighten and firm the skin. You will be amazed by how your skin glows after the treatment!

APS Oxyderm Facial Treatment Using oxygen pressured injection without needles with serum to reach out into your inner/dermis skin layer.Customised serum for different skin type.Pump up to 99.999% of pure oxygen into dermins layer.

Skin Brightening Treatment An ideal cell regeneration treatment to nourish dry, mature skin or skin affected by premature aging. Moisture is supplemented to the skin to maintain elasticity and firmness. Skin renewal is quickened by replenishing botanical extracts and regenerating serum.

Vit A + B Exfoliant
Customised to your skin’s needs, this purifying skin exfoliant complex will gently smoothen the skin with its revolutionary blend of hydroxy acids and enzymes. After just one treatment, you will see results 3 times better than the normal Oily/Acne Skin Facial.

MultiVitamin Power Exfoliant
This powerful treatment is suitable for dry, de-hydrated, hyper-pigmented and dull, devitalized skins. A potent cocktail of vitamins A, B5, C, E and P visibly reduces aging signs while a super concentrated antioxidant vitamin masque is used to help promote collagen and elastin production for supple skin.

Environmental Control

An effective treatment if your skin is hypersensitive to environmental triggers like the sun, cosmetic, stress and hormonal changes. This unique blend of botanicals calms irritation, repairs the barrier function of the skin and restores your internal water balance.

Placenta Firming

This protective treatment effectively suppress melanin production, prevents melanin accumulation, and activates skin metabolism, leaving your skin fairer and clearer. The placenta protein rejuvenates aging skin, prevents inflammation and wrinkling, heals wounds and improves the capillary blood supply essential to glowing skin.

Fruity Lifting Treatment

A fruity treatment containing high level of vitamins using all natural fruit and no preservatives.Leaves a whitening,hydrating,anti aging and calming effect on the skin and improving skin elasticity.A glass of fruit cocktail will be served after the treatment.

3-in-1 Micro-dermabrasion

This latest phase by phase Sequential Peeling Treatment not only does micro-dermabrasion, it also combines with aspiration to drain toxin, firm & tone the skin for an instant lift. Light therapy is used to soothe the new tissue and a luxurious personalised facial treatment leaves you totally revitalised. An effective treatment for skin problems like acne craters and pigmentation.

24k Pure Golden Facial Treatment

Using 99.99% pure gold, this ultimate skin rejuvenation facial is inspired by the beauty secrets of ancient queens. Witness instant glow and youthfulness in just one treatment. Excellent for sagging & dull skin, wrinkles & fine lines.

GAMMA PGA Anti-Aging Deep Facial Spa

A remarkably potent hydrating compound, Gamma PGA is a major skincare breakthrough that can penetrate the skin and lock in moisture (4600 times more) while enhancing natural moisturising capabilities to maintain your soft supple skin. 100% natural and preservative free. SPECIAL ADD ON TREATMENT

Collagen Eye Contouring

This refreshing treatment soften lines, diminish dark circles and relieve puffiness. An ideal complement to other treatments.

Neck Detoxification

This treatment flushes toxins which caused blemishes, dullness and sagginess to your face through lymphatic drainage massage. It smoothens lines and wrinkles on the neck, while firming your neck, shoulders and chest. An ideal complement to other treatments.

Back Treatment

This treatment clears up stubborn acne and lightens your acne marks with our purifying system and vitamin treatment.

Indian Ear Candling

A folk medicine practice that softens earwax for easy removal, ear candling is excellent in the treatment of nose and throat congestion, sinusitis, headaches. Ideal as a relaxation treatment for stress or anxiety related symptoms. EXTRA BEAUTY

Day make-up, Make Over + Hairdo, Japanese Baby Eyelash Perm, Eyebrow Trimming, Pampering Hand Treatment, Waxing BODY MASSAGE

Tropical Bamboo Body Therapy

A tropical bamboo is used to induce deep relaxation, thus re-energizing the body. Your tired body is revitalized under the rhythmic glide of the bamboo from the soles of the feet to the back of the neck.

Detoxification Back (with self-heating mud)

This toxin-flushing treatment starts with a marine base relaxen serum massage to ease tension, followed by a self-heating marine mud to enhance the skin’s receptiveness to the detoxification. A wonderful cleanse for the back.

Soothing Legs (with self-heating mud)

Worn-out after a long shopping trip or flight? Stretch out and relax with this revitalising treat. A soothing leg massage, followed by a Self Heating Mud Wrap to stimulate blood circulation and detoxification. To top it off, your legs are given a cooling peppermint balm to ease aching limbs and fluid retention.

Relaxing Scalp Massage (non-oil)

A deeply stimulating scalp massage to relax your tension and restores a deep state of calm. Ideal for the highly stressed seeking revival and serenity.

Therapeutic Back

A soothing back massage that targets key areas to relieve muscle tension. A complete shoulder and neck massage with special focus on the back, this therapy is ideal for desk bound office executives.

Upper Body Herbal Ache Relief Therapy

This natural holistic healing therapy begins with a relaxing massage before using a heated Rejuvenating Compress Ball made of a special blend of traditional Indonesian herbs to relieve soreness and swelling, and to stimulate blood circulation. Ideal for those suffering from rheumatism, wind, and swellings.

De-stress Head & Shoulders Therapeutic Healing

This stimulating combination of tropical bamboo and massage techniques releases muscle tension and improves blood flow in the shoulders and neck, as well as nourish the scalp and induce a sense of calm. An ideal complement to the Body Scrub or Hand and Foot treatment. BODY EXFOLIATION

Coconut is a perfect natural skin moisturizer, leaving you with a radiant and even skin tone.

Green Tea

This green tea scrub contains powerful antioxidants, while reducing acne, cellulite and stretch marks formation. It also has a natural whitening effect on the skin.

Toning Satin Polish

Awaken your dull skin with an exfoliating loofah, followed by deep cleansing of the pores with marine sea salt crystals, leaving your skin infinitely softer, smoother and hydrated. BODY MASK


Feed your skin with this excellently nourishing avocado body mask. Rich in moisturizing composite, iron, potassium, Vitamins A and B, this potent skin food is especially effective for dry and mature skin as it prevent wrinkles formation. SLIMMING

Tropical Bamboo Therapy

This tropical bamboo therapy is used to eliminate water retention, induce deep relaxation and re-energise the body. A unique blend of slimming essential oil and firming cream is massaged into the body to aid cellulite breakdown and to tone up flabby areas.

VibroSlim - Local Area - Full Body

Through rapid vibration and a vigorous massage, the slimming and toning of your body is achieved by improving blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and detoxification. The key benefits of this treatment are the removal of water retention, reduced cellulite and wrinkles, and an increased melanin metabolism, giving you a glowing firmer body.

Detoxification Far Infra-Red Thermal Wrap

This treatment starts with a ginger and lemongrass mineral exfoliation, followed by a Bio Lipo cream coat to slim flabby areas, improve metabolism and nourish your skin. The gentle application of dry heat and far infra-red rays in the thermal wrap softens fatty cells and relaxes tensed muscle tissue. Ideal for slimming, detoxifying, and aching muscles.

Body Sculptor

This firming Contour Solution restores youthful vitality by stimulating cell activity, cleansing the lymph and detoxifying the skin. This sculpting treatment leaves you with a firmer tighter skin tone and replenished moisturisation.

Electro Trim

Using the technology of electro-stimulation, this treatment is able to tone tissues and muscles, as well as provide lymphatic drainage, lipolysis, remodeling and slimming of the body. Perfect for busy urbanites on the go.

RF12 Fat Liquefying

This revolutionary technology uses deep radiofrequency waves to penetrate deeply into your skin layer while emitting thermal energy that produces an instant lipolysis effect. It trims your contours and stimulates collagen fibers to smoothen “orange peel skin” for a firm and slim body. See instant inch loss after just one treatment! Perfect for busy urbanites on the go.

Cocoon Detoxifying Sea Mud

This cocooning bodywrap uses a heating blanket over the application of marine ingredients on the body to enhance the detoxifying process and prepares it for treatment series.

Sea Essential Bust Firming Treatment

A luxurious 3-in-1 bundle treatment which pampers you with a relaxing back massage, a detoxifying Self-Heating Mud application along the spinal column, and a sea essential bust firming treatment to firm up your bust to shapeliness. SIGNATURE TREATMENT

AromaMineral Golden Flake

Starting with the Fleur’s AromaMineral Golden Scrub with Golden Powder, it is followed by a body wrap and a relaxing SubliMagic oil massage for that dreamy, shimmering effect. This sensational latest treatment from USA is guaranteed to leave you looking and feeling as good as gold!

Bubble By the Bay

Phytomer’s exclusive Self-Heating Mud boasts 104 trace elements, seaweed and other special formulas which promote detoxification and remineralisation. Pamper yourself with this marvelously relaxing and warmly tingling treatment. HAIR & SCALP TREATMENT

Scalp Treatment

We go to the root of your hair woes—the scalp, by using a unique Doctilano concept for your personal diagnosis, followed by an intensive and customised treatment with selected 100% natural plant extracts. Excellent for hair loss, dandruff and scaly scalp problems.

Intensive Hair Treatment
Troubled by dull, lack-lustre hair? Try this intensive hair treatment made from 100% natural botanical products to help it regain its strength, shine and volume! Ideal for damaged, dry, bleached, fine and porous, coloured and tinted hair, or permed hair.

Keratine Treatment (Allerga)

An intensive bio protein, U.V. filter and keratin treatment, ALLERGA not only prevents hair damage; it also strengthens the texture of the hair, giving it body and a long-lasting natural shine that lasts beyond your hair wash. A great solution for very damaged hair.


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